About Us

Welcome to our little salty homestead!

racksI would like to properly introduce you to our product line.  Right now as we speak we have over 18 different scents of soap. Our honey is harvested by our family personally. Yes, we get stung but its totally worth for us. As many of you know we just recently came out with our jam line we have approximately 12 different jams to choose from. Now ,I would like to introduce ourselves.

My name is Moxie, Chris is my husband who is the inventor and brain child behind homestead habitat & Survivor Ties. Let me first explain a little about what we do and how it came to be. My husband and I both worked full time running a fully operational janitorial company in Merritt Island Florida for many years. In fact, we still do. In our off time my husband started exploring other venues of crafting of handmade American products. As many of you well know doing repetitive tasks can be daunting . We originally started making soap as a hobby and it took off and has now become a full blown obsession for the two of us. We do all this whilst being full time parents as well. We have recently moved on to bigger and better things which you will find by visiting our salty little site. Being able to source locally grown and harvested products is our highest goal. As we continue to grow we hope that our products line your showers and kitchen and our honey and jams  covers your biscuits! From our family to yours we humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our page, products, & family.

Chris and Moxie <3